Wilde Kush

Revelling in the beauty of nature’s variety, this uncanny fragrance embraces a scent of brisk splendor: Cannabis. Throughout the centuries, This flower has been cherished for enhancing the body and mind. Wilde Kush attempts nothing less. By capturing the complex mystery of the Kush strain, this fragrance presents itself full of aestheticism and is yet a simple pleasure. Embodied by an uplifting, sensual aroma of sandalwood, lemon and pine, Wilde Kush reveals the vibrant beauty of the Afghani-Pakistani mountain range. Developed in joint collaboration with Eybna Technologies, Wilde Kush is bottled science, designed to captivate the nostrils of curious minds.
«From the wildness of my wasted passion I had struck a better, clearer song, Lit some lighter light of freer freedom, bottled with some Hydra-headed wrong.»

Oscar Wilde

Cannabis Terpenes

The essence of Cannabis:

Close collaboration with leading medical cannabis pioneers leverages us to solve challenges and produce aromas never smelt before. Terpenes is a large group of organic compounds produced by a variety of plants. It is the main producers of what we recognize as - the plant's scent. Cannabis' unique aroma is designed from a cooperation of over 300 terpenes.

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