1. Cheryl Shuman is in the works for changing the face of marijuana by introducing the Beverly Hills Cannabis Club, which not only sells diamond encrusted vaporizers (which run for about $15,000), designer pot ($700 an ounce), but is also working on her fashion line Stiletto Stoner. Her brand is currently valued at over $1 billion.

  2. The fastest sector of the industry as of right now is vaporizers. Fashion brands and designers are working around to create designer vaporizers and lifestyle accessories for this fast growing billion-dollar industry.
  3. The Taiwanese-American fashion designer, Alexander Wang, dedicated his entire Fall 2016 collection to the cannabis plant, being one of the first designers to give a high fashion twist to the so-called “stoner fashion”.
  4. The e-commerce site, Tetra, was founded by three fashion industry veterans, and are currently selling high end designer marijuana accessories, from rolling paper to pipes. The site has seen a 40% increase in sales in the past two years.

  5. Marley Natural is a marijuana brand inspired by Bob Marley, which not only sells its own marijuana, but also sells personal care products and accessories. This brand aims to be the Starbucks of marijuana, openly available for anyone.

  6. One of the first plant motifs within the high end fashion industry was in 1997 when designer Lucien Pellat-Finet showcased an expensive marijuana inspired cashmere sweater, making quite the impression after mostly seeing the leaf motif on cheap t-shirts.

  7. Bag designer Jeanie Moss designed the first high end fashionable bags “to conceal the pungent odor often associated with marijuana [...] By hiring veteran designers with experience at brands including Coach, Halston and Nordstrom, Moss hopes to offer a stylish alternative to the functional but hardly fashionable pot carrying cases found at typical head shops.”
  8. The first pair of Levi’s were made out of hemp canvas, making this revolutionary piece of clothing a statement in the fashion world but also in the cannabis timeline.
  9. Fashion line Baja East was the first brand to send their models walking down the runway not only wearing cannabis inspired fashion, but also with vaporizer pens and marijuana leaf inspired jewelry.

  10. Cannabis couture made its successful transition to mainstream fashion during New York Fashion Week 2017, spotting not only models wearing cannabis inspired clothing but also celebrities, making it now a part of everybody’s culture and not just stoner culture.